FUTUREWORLDS 4: The Goddess, the Cat and the Trap House is multidimensional performance that begins to tell the stories of 3 intertwining creatures developed by the young artists of AS220 Youth. As the story goes, each creature or god, has played an integral role in destroying what human beings have created: systems oppression. On June 9th, each creature will reveal itself by way of song, dance, comic strip, video art, apparel and other forms of creative expression. The night will feature a pre-show hip hop concert, Indigo Garden Installation, a life sized Futureworlds comic exhibit, a fashion show inspired by our creatures and to the end the night, a Futureworlds themed performance involving our dance, theatre, media and ZuKrewe rap artists.

Thanks to wacklikethat for the graphics!! (Tagged in the above cover image)

—————Pre-show Concert Artists ————

Fantastic Voyage 
Chris Da Great 
The Funk Underground 
Jay Lew 
Trav Black 
Medusah Black + Krisfame 
Araab Muzik 

Hosted by MBlack 
Music by Ushamamii

*****FUTUREWORLDS performance at 9:15PM